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Eliot and Envy
These two were going to be adopts but.... I love them >^<

These two are drawn in a more cartoon-ish style

---Eliot's short bio---
-Name- Eliot
-Age- 23 (human years)
-Species- A fox dog creature...thing
-Personality- Outgoing, chill, can be cocky/sarcastic

---Envy's short bio---
-Name- Envy
-Age- 589 (human years)
-Species- A demon that can change/is part gargoyle
-Personality- Is sarcastic, jealous of most, wants to be better than anyone else

Got the colours from this person---  
-'Color me curious' on tumblr
Zen (OC)
This was only suppose to be a sketch but.....the outline is kinda sketchy so that counts...?

Anyway this is Zen and they have no hair, just loose skin (and bug like back legs that can somehow bend)

Who Zen is, is a mystery since they don't talk and hide their face with a mask but others don't see them often at all, no one knows where they come from they just appeared one day 

(the reason I'm making these characters and not giving much info of them because I would like to make a comic (web comic) with these and I want some things to be a mystery, but since I have trouble starting up a story and my writing is not the best its going to be a long time before I start the comic)
For Fenaceide Gift/Fanart
This is for Fenaceide 
This is their character , Epitep in dragon form >w<

I just really love their design and I really like their work >w<

Hope you like it ^>^ (these are the tail designs)

(also Fenaceide is the only one allowed to use this drawing and the none water marked ones ^w^ )
Nofen pixel
This is Nofen, the are/it is a parasite that takes over the hosts body and will use the host as a second skin

Nofen- the parasite- genderless
Prien- the host- male

Nofen/Prien is not a nice being at all (Prien being only a 2nd body/skin bag for Nofen) they don't have any emotions and will kill without any remorse or regret, the only thing they now is to kill and survive no matter what

Nofen is only revealed to those it kills (no one survives and Nofen makes sure of it) so no one knows who or what are killing there species 

Nofen can also talk using Prien's vocals/voice 

No one knows Prien's body is infected so they just think Prien just turned into a asshole (evil asshole) but its really Nofen

(also I wanted to practice doing pixel are things again)
My Yitusho MYO event entry
This is my Yitusho that I got from the MYO event (that is now closed)
---Short bio---
-Name- Wirl
-Gender- Male
-Species- Yitusho
-Personality- Shy with strangers, timid, awkward at first but get to now him he can/will be talkative, cheerful and not so awkward and timid

yitusho belongs to Meilima 
Chubs improvement
The improvement of chub (and the ghoulona species ^>^ )

Changed her 'ears' and tail abit, same for the claws/hands and changed her neck fur abit aswell, she can stand on her back legs and walk (almost) like a human

(might change the claw/hands in to a more 'claw' like instead)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Iv seen some people doing these and I thought 'why not do one' it is, this is my first wishlist

I don't mind if these people don't do it but I would be VERY grateful if they do >w<

(I don't want any over the top designs, only simple design and/or colours)

Things I live/love- Bugs (I love bug designs, I don't care if they are cute, scary, ect, but I love bug designs (human like or just a oversized bug or on all 4 like a dog or cat)), wolf/dogs, cats, small birds, random/creative designs (I love these kind of designs mostly the ones that don't look animal or human like, and/or looks like they are from another planet or universe), pastel, colours that match, designs/colours that match their personality, cute and/or scary designs and fluffy designs (I love fluff)

I hope to get at least one design form one person (but once again I don't mind if they don't >w<)


(Thank you so much!! >w<)


Chibi-CJ's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi I'm CJ and this is my page ^w^
Im a tomboy and likes to listen to pop bands or rock bands

Love the colour blue(any shade), red(any shade),black and grey, I don't like as much pink or super bright colours

I love anime and drawing, I mostly like to drew my Oc's and cute drawing/art design


Chibi-CJ has started a donation pool!
50 / 1,000
This is just where to tip me if you like my art, tip any amount ^w^

Thank you >w<

(this is my 2nd donation pool so....I don't really know how to get the points out of the a noob TwT)

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